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About Us

How We Began

S.O.A.P. opened in 2011 as a boutique store in a resort area in Maryland, selling fresh and handmade bath and body products.  It wasn’t long before we had the pleasure of serving and befriending people from around the country.  Even though we recently closed our doors, our customers from around the country remain in our thoughts and hearts and because of their dedication and support we decided to re-launch our online store.

The Meaning Of S.O.A.P.  & Our Brand

The acronym S.O.A.P., which stands for Scented, Original, Artisan, Pure, aptly describes our bath and body collections. We proudly feature our S.O.A.P. brand of products, which are made in small batches by soap artisans and aestheticians blending the finest essential oils and captivating fragrances.  Some of the products we sell contain organic ingredients and a few are 100% organic.  We also proudly feature Farmhouse Fresh products, a brand that is prominently used in spas and resorts across the country.  Farmhouse Fresh products are natural, organic and/or vegan.

We are proud to serve you and thank you for your support and continued confidence in our products. You can always contact us at  Shop